Avito is a classified advertisements website where people can find goods for sale, job listings, cars, real estate and services. It’s the most popular classifieds site in Russia and the world’s largest.

We've helped to create a chatbot called PeopleHelp for Avito employees. It connects people and knowledge.
How it used to work
Avito has several thousand employees which means a lot of knowledge. But there wasn't one easy way to access it all.

As a result, employees wanted to know more about the internal operations of the company, for example, the way vacation pay works or how to bring a new person on board. So, we needed to gather all the important information into one central channel and make life easier for everyone.
The solution
The company decided to create an assistant bot called PeopleHelp. It lives right inside the corporate messenger and works its magic by analyzing questions and identifying keywords.
Here's how it rolls
Based on keywords from the user’s request, the bot offers several options for topics to choose from. After the user selects the option that suits his request, the user is provided with the most appropriate answer or instruction.
What we did
We carefully collected the questions and answers for the bot and considered its visual appearance.

1. Conducted 10 in-depth interviews
2. Сollected about 500 Q&A pairs
3. Polished up the responses

Also we designed a logo for the chatbot along with a badge for the internal resource. And that’s it!
As a result
All took over 2 months of working by 2 editors. Employees used the bot 3319 times, the tool had 1524 unique users.
03 JUNE / 2024

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