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Data Subjects
Website Visitors (Users)
The company Alisa Ladygina PR Beograd, with its legal headquarters at Savski Venac, Jug-Bogdanova 23/7, 11102, Beograd, Serbia, acts as the Data Controller for the personal data of individuals who visit and interact with the website (hereinafter referred to as "data subjects" or "Users" or "Users of the website") in accordance with the provisions of the EU Regulation 2016/679, hereinafter referred to as 'GDPR.' The company hereby informs Users that the aforementioned regulation provides for the protection of data subjects with regard to the processing of personal data, and that such processing will be based on the principles of fairness, lawfulness, transparency, and the protection of your privacy and rights.

The personal data of Users will be processed in accordance with the legal provisions of the aforementioned regulation and the confidentiality obligations provided therein.
Methods of processing
The Data Controller processes Users' Personal Data by adopting appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction of Personal Data. The processing is carried out using computer and/or telematic tools, with organizational methods and logics strictly related to the purposes indicated. In addition to the Data Controller, in some cases, the Data may be accessed by categories of persons involved in the organization of the website (personnel specifically authorized by the Data Controller) or external parties (such as third-party technical service providers, postal couriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies) appointed, if necessary, as Data Processors by the Data Controller. An up-to-date list of Data Processors may always be requested from the Data Controller.
Location of processing
The processing related to the web services of this website takes place primarily at the legal headquarters and using the Type Form platform. It is also carried out by personnel specifically authorized for processing by the Data Controller and adequately trained. For further information, you can contact the Data Controller.
Storage period
The Data is processed and stored for the time required for the purposes for which it was collected. Therefore:

  • Personal Data collected for purposes related to the performance of a contract between the Data Controller and the User will be retained until such contract is fully performed.
  • Personal Data collected to comply with a legal obligation will be retained for the time period required by the law.
  • Personal Data collected for purposes related to the legitimate interests pursued by the Data Controller will be retained until those interests are satisfied. Users can obtain further information about the legitimate interests pursued by the Data Controller in the relevant sections of this document or by contacting the Data Controller.
  • When processing is based on the User's consent, the Data Controller may retain Personal Data for a longer period until such consent is revoked. Furthermore, the Data Controller may be obliged to retain Personal Data for a longer period in compliance with a legal obligation or by order of an authority.
  • At the end of the storage period, Personal Data will be deleted. Therefore, upon expiration of this period, the right to access, delete, rectify, and the right to data portability cannot be exercised anymore.
Legal Basis for Processing
The Data Controller processes Personal Data concerning the User if one of the following conditions applies:

  1. The User has given consent for one or more specific purposes.
  2. Processing is necessary for the performance of a contract with the User and/or for the execution of pre-contractual measures.
  3. Processing is necessary to comply with a legal obligation to which the Data Controller is subject.
  4. Processing is necessary for the pursuit of the legitimate interests of the Data Controller or third parties.
It is always possible to ask the Data Controller to clarify the specific legal basis for each processing and, in particular, to specify whether the processing is based on the law, provided for by a contract, or necessary to conclude a contract.
Types of Data Processed and Purposes of Processing
Personal Data collected through this website may be collected automatically during the use of this Site (such as browsing and usage data and cookies) or may be voluntarily provided by the User.

The Personal Data collected may refer to both the User and third-party subjects whose data the User provides. The User takes responsibility for the personal data of third parties published or shared through the site and guarantees that they have the right to communicate or disclose them, releasing the Data Controller from any liability towards third parties.

The possible use of Cookies - or other tracking tools - by this Site or the third-party service providers used by this Site, unless otherwise specified, is intended to identify the User and record their preferences for purposes closely related to the provision of the service requested by the User.

Failure by the User to provide certain Personal Data may prevent this Site from providing its services.
Below, a breakdown is provided by categorizing the data into the following two types:
  1. Browsing and Usage Data, Cookies.
  2. Data provided voluntarily by the user.

Browsing Data
The computer systems and software procedures used to operate this website acquire, during their normal operation, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected to be associated with identified data subjects, but by its nature, it could allow users to be identified, through processing and association with data held by third parties.

This category of data includes:
  • IP addresses or domain names of computers used by users who connect to the site,
  • URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the resources requested,
  • the time of the request,
  • the method used to submit the request to the server,
  • the size of the file obtained in response,
  • the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server (successful, error, etc.),
  • and other parameters related to the user's operating system and computer environment.
This data is used solely for the purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information about the use of the site and to check its correct functioning. The data may be used to ascertain liability in the event of hypothetical computer crimes against the site.

Data Voluntarily Provided by the User
Sending Emails to the Addresses Indicated on the Site

The optional, explicit, and voluntary sending of emails to the address indicated on this site involves the subsequent acquisition of the sender's address, necessary to respond to requests, as well as any other personal data included in the email.
In accordance with the "Cookie and Other Tracking Tools Guidelines - June 10, 2021 (Published in the Official Gazette No. 163 of July 9, 2021) - Measure and Guidelines of the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data, Alisa Ladygina PR, as the owner of the Site, as defined below, intends to inform the user of the following.

The use of Cookies by the site is intended to identify the User and record their preferences for purposes closely related to the provision of the service requested by the User. Failure by the User to provide certain Personal Data, especially Navigation Data through the deactivation of the site's Cookies, may make it impossible to provide some services or navigate the site.

Below, detailed information is provided regarding the cookies used by this website.
What are Cookies?
Cookies are data created by a server that are stored in text files on the computer's hard drive or on any device used by the user to access the Internet (smartphone, tablet). They collect information about the user's browsing on the website and are transmitted on subsequent visits.

Cookies are used for various purposes, have different characteristics, and can be used both by the site owner being visited and by third parties.

Cookies can be stored on the user's computer permanently and have a variable duration (so-called persistent cookies), but they can also disappear when the browser is closed or have a limited duration (so-called session cookies).

Cookies can be installed by the site being visited (first-party cookies) or can be installed by other websites (third-party cookies).

Below, all the information about the cookies installed through this site and the necessary indications on how to manage preferences regarding them are provided.
Cookies Used by This Site
The use of cookies by the owner of this site is in compliance with its Privacy Policy for all the information required by Articles 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 2016/679.

1. Technical Cookies That Do Not Require Consent
Cookies related to activities strictly necessary for the functioning of the site and the provision of the service are used. It should be noted that all technical cookies do not require consent and are therefore automatically installed upon accessing the site. In particular, the following technical cookies may be present on the site:
  • __utma: Keeps track of how many times a visitor accesses the site, when the first visit was, and when the last visit occurred. It is a persistent cookie.
  • __utmb, __utmc: These two cookies work together to calculate the duration of a visit. The __utmb cookie tracks the exact moment a user enters the site, while the __utmc cookie tracks the exact moment a user leaves the site. __utmb expires at the end of the session, while __utmc waits for 30 minutes and then expires.
  • __utmt: Allows Google Analytics to adjust its servers to a high volume of data without overloading requests. Duration: 1 day.
  • __utmz: Tracks the geographic origin of the user, which search engine was used, and which keyword was searched to access the site. Expires in 6 months.
  • __utmv allows Google Analytics to classify the visitor. The __utmv cookie is also a persistent and permanent cookie.
The Google Analytics cookies installed by this site are anonymized; therefore, they do not profile users and do not require consent, and they are automatically installed upon accessing the site.

  • wordpress_test_cookie: WordPress sets this cookie when accessing the login page. The cookie is used to check if the user's web browser is set to allow or reject cookies. It is a session cookie and is deleted when the web browser is closed.

2. Cookies Requiring Consent
All cookies other than those mentioned above as technical cookies are installed or activated only following the express consent of the user upon their first visit to the site. This consent is tracked on subsequent visits. However, the user always has the option to revoke, in whole or in part, the consent already given. Cookies other than technical ones are classified as Profiling Cookies, Marketing Cookies, and Cookies managed by third parties.

This website does not use profiling cookies.

This website uses marketing cookies.

This website uses third-party cookies, which are Google Cookies.

  • Google Cookies (1P_JAR, APISID, CONSENT, HSID, NID, OGP, OGPC, SID, SIDCC): These third-party cookies are set by Google. For further information on how Google uses cookies, please refer to their privacy policy available here:
Cookie Management and Consent
During the first visit to the site, the user can (i) accept all cookies by clicking the "Accept All" button, (ii) refuse to give consent and continue with the default settings, which include only the use of technical cookies necessary for the functioning of the site, by clicking the "Close and Continue (only if necessary)" button, or (iii) selectively choose specific purposes or third parties by clicking "Customize" and interacting with the cookie banner shown on the first visit.

Nevertheless, since most browsers are set to accept cookies automatically, users can choose not to receive them by accessing their browser settings and disabling their use, following the procedures described at the following links:

Security Measures of the Site
Specific security measures have been implemented for the management of the site, aimed at ensuring the secure access of the user and protecting the information contained in the site from the risk of loss or accidental destruction.
Data Subject Rights
Data subjects have the right to obtain from the Data Controller the erasure (right to be forgotten), restriction, updating, rectification, portability, and opposition to the processing of their personal data, as well as the right to exercise all the rights provided for in Articles 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 of the GDPR. Users can contact the Data Controller at the email address: for any requests.
Additional Information on Processing
Defense in Court
The User's Personal Data may be used by the Data Controller in court or in the stages leading to possible legal action against improper use of this website or related services by the User. The User declares to be aware that the Data Controller may be required to reveal personal data upon request of public authorities.

Specific Information
Upon the User's request, in addition to the information contained in this privacy policy, this website may provide the User with additional and contextual information concerning particular services or the collection and processing of Personal Data.

System Logs and Maintenance
For operation and maintenance purposes, this website and any third-party services it uses may collect system logs, which are files that record interactions and may also contain Personal Data, such as the User's IP address.

Information Not Contained in This Policy
More details concerning the collection or processing of Personal Data may be requested from the Data Controller at any time. Please see the contact information at the beginning of this document.

Changes to This Privacy Policy
The Data Controller reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time by giving notice to Users on this page and possibly within this website and/or - as far as technically and legally feasible - sending a notice to Users via any contact information available to the Data Controller. Please check this page regularly, referring to the date of the last modification listed at the bottom. If a User objects to any of the changes to the Policy, the User must cease using this website and can request that the Data Controller erase their Personal Data. Unless stated otherwise, the then-current privacy policy applies to all Personal Data the Data Controller has about Users.

Personal Data (or Data)
Any information that directly, indirectly, or in connection with other information - including a personal identification number - allows for the identification or identifiability of a natural person.

Usage Data
Information collected automatically through this website (or third-party services employed in this website), which can include:
  • the IP addresses or domain names of the computers utilized by the Users who use this website,
  • the URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier),
  • the time of the request,
  • the method utilized to submit the request to the server,
  • the size of the file received in response,
  • the numerical code indicating the status of the server's answer (successful outcome, error, etc.),
  • the country of origin,
  • the features of the browser and the operating system utilized by the User,
  • the various time details per visit (e.g., the time spent on each page within the application),
  • and the details about the path followed within the application with special reference to the sequence of pages visited,
  • and other parameters about the device operating system and/or the User's IT environment.
The individual using this website, which must coincide with or be authorized by the Data Subject, to whom the Personal Data refers.

Data Subject
The legal or natural person to whom the Personal Data refers.

Data Controller (or Owner)
The natural person, legal person, public administration, or any other body, association, or organization with the right, also jointly with another Data Controller, to make decisions regarding the purposes, and the methods of processing of Personal Data and the means used, including the security measures concerning the operation and use of this website. The Data Controller, unless otherwise specified, is the Owner of this website.

This Website (or this Application)
The hardware or software tool by which the Personal Data of the User is collected.

Small sets of data stored in the User's device.

The service provided by this website as described in the relative terms (if available) and on this site/application.

European Union (or EU)
Unless otherwise specified, all references made within this document to the European Union include all current member states to the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Legal References
This privacy statement is prepared in fulfillment of the obligations set forth in Art. 10 of Directive no. 95/46/EC, as well as under the provisions of Directive 2002/58/EC, as updated by Directive 2009/136/EC, on the subject of Cookies. This privacy policy relates solely to this website.
Contact Information
Data Controller: Alisa Ladygina PR Beograd

For additional information about cookies or any other aspect of this privacy policy, please contact the Data Controller using the provided contact information.

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